The Topic Intelligence

The only topic-based marketing platform.
One platform, all the data, for all your teams.

Visualize your new Topic Intelligence opportunities.

Track all the important topic opportunities for you brand.

Use that intel through AI-planned marketing plays.


All the Data Viz you need to understand and mine your Topic Intelligence data & your topic maps.

We measure and monitor for you all the metrics that have the largest effect on conversion.


See all your data at a glance. Macro and Micro topics, along with all their performance metrics.

The sparkline tracks the Topic Intelligence Score over time, so you can execute on the most relevant topics at the right time!


The calendar is where everything on the platform comes together. We deliver a holistic Topic Gameplan for the next 4 quarters. 

You will know which topic you should use in a specific channel or medium, at the right time!

Learn more about our Content Marketing Tech Stack. 

All the data. One platform.

Join industry leaders and get your Topic Intelligence.