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Topic Intelligence™️ is a proprietary AI technology that generates topic-based data to inform and optimize all the content marketing, communication, branding, creative and advertising projects for a brand.

Topic Intelligence™️ Data

Topics refers to a set of words organized in a way that creates a deep meaning. (vs keywords)

They often take the form of a short phrase like “intelligent cyber security”.

Going beyond keywords

Topics define more complex concepts, and allow for a much more accurate targeting by nature.

While keywords are simple and generic, topics carry deep meaning and the true intent of the user.

Categories & Topics

Topics are clustered in categories (or macro topics), with a deeper, larger meaning. 

Each category is composed of a large set of contextually related topics. All the categories out together create the Topic Map of a brand.

A Unique Topic Intelligence™️

Our tech extracts deep topic datasets from a large set of data sources. Then our AI transforms them into Topic Intelligence.

We use our Topic Intelligence data to help you engage audiences that display a strong Topic-based Intent for your brand, and a real potential to convert.

Powerful tech, at the service of a simple concept.

Topic Scoring

We created a Topic Intelligence score to help you focus on the right topics at the right time.

Our AI uses many different data inputs to define the Topic score and give you the level of opportunity behind that topic in real time!

Our Topic Scores are built to help you define and follow the right Topic trends for your advertising efforts.

Topic Journeys™️

We track all the topics that are delivering engagements & conversions for your brand. We use that data to build your Topic Journeys to Conversion.

The goal is to crack your brand’s acquisition cheat code. 

We want to define and effectively target every step of your customers’ consideration stages with the right contextual ad or content and lead them to a conversion.

Third Party Data Transparency

We do...

We do not...

Get all the Topic Intelligence™️

When Topic Intelligence is leveraged through all the main marketing and advertising channels, it delivers a reliable and repeatable user engagement engine for the brand, that will to grow and optimize over time.